Thank you for coming to “FUSION SUNDAYS WORLD CULTURE MARKET ” !

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Hello everyone 🙂

Thank you for coming to “FUSION SUNDAYS WORLD CULTURE MARKET ”  yesterday !

Thank you for the first customer.

I am very grateful to the customers who came to the market once again.

I was really glad to meet you again. Thank you very much 🙂

And, thank you very much to all staff for helping me.

There was a nice weather and little rain and heavy wind yesterday …. lol !

Yesterday, they opened the Street Feast at outside ! 

Many people came to the market !

 There was a good atmosphere the market, and dance performance was very attractive !!!

I love it 🙂 I hope see you next time !

However …

I’m going to go to Japan  from next month …

I can’t open the market July and August…

I will come back to the market in September.

I hope see you in September at the Fusion Sundays market !

I sale moNami’s items at Etsy.

Etsy shop :

When I go to Japan, I temporarily stop selling on the Internet until I return to Ireland.

I will put some information before I go to Japan.

Thank you for understanding 🙂

While I am staying in Japan I would like to upload interesting pictures of Japan to Facebook and Instagram and share it with everyone 🙂

If you can join moNami, I’m so happy 🙂


See you next time !

Thank you very much again 🙂


Finally , I managed to take a photo before I drink latte lol


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