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Pink Ribbon Pin - Photo ® Elena Cristofanon

My name is Nami and I’m Japanese.

My mother had a big influence on me, because since I was a child I loved drawing and staring at anything that was colorful and art related. Just like my mother did.
When I was a teenager I learned how to design and make clothes and I’ve been keeping creating clothes and accessories as a hobby.

Turning point for me happened a day when I was in a clothes shop, wearing my own creations. The owner asked me which brand were my clothes by. One week later that shop was selling clothes made by me!

Since then I started producing more and more items, until I got a job as a designer for an innovative Japanese design company.
Some years later I started to sell my original items with my mother who is an expert in wrapping design and flower arrangement.

The second huge turning point of my life was when I visited Europe and I realized that I really wanted to expand my horizons and know better this amazing and fascinating continent.
My opportunity to do so arrived when I got married with my French husband and we moved to Ireland about three years ago.

Few months ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine in which I realised that I could make my dream come true. So there we go!
moNami is officially born.

Mon ami in French means my friend and the sound recall my own name too, so it was the perfect brand name for a nice young and friendly company!

The aim of moNami is to create special products crafted for special women, so you will be outstanding out there. If you want to show the passion inside you, these are the products you are looking for. moNami items contain the spices for such a passion.
moNami objects are perfect also as a gift for your precious amie!

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